The Centre offers each pupil a curriculum drawn from National Curriculum core subjects and an essential curriculum that covers all aspects of Personal and Social Education.In

In addition, The Centre offers a sensory curriculum which supports the needs of our children with Profound and Multiple Learning disabilities.

A ‘topic-based’ approach is used within primary to deliver the National Curriculum foundation subjects with the themes being differentiated to take account of the range of needs of pupils in the school.

Within Key Stage 3 and more so in Key Stage 4, subjects are taught as separate lessons.

Within sixth form, the curriculum focuses on personal development, life skills and preparation for after school.

Curriculum Organisation


English and Communication is an essential area of the Academy curriculum. Communication includes several different areas; receptive and expressive communication skills, reading and writing. The Centre is committed to providing an environment which is adapted to the communication needs of all our learners.

The Centre uses a range of strategies to support communication, including;

  • Spoken word
  • Signs and symbols – the Makaton signing and symbol system is used throughout the provision to augment verbal communication skills. PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) is also used with some learners.
  • Written communication – using words, pictures and symbols and photographs.


The Centre aims to develop cognitive and mathematical understanding through experiences that are meaningful to the individual pupil. Children and young people are encouraged to develop skills of problem solving in everyday situations. Functional numeracy such as the use of money and understanding time are important aspects of the curriculum.

Personal and Social Education

This area includes;

  • Developing self-esteem, confidence and positive attitudes to learning.
  • Fostering social interaction by teaching co-operation, participation, tolerance and acceptable attitudes to others.
  • Developing independent functioning; supporting children and young people with basic self-care skills such as personal hygiene, eating and dressing skills. As the pupils progress through The Centre, the emphasis is increasingly on social independence with some work taking place in the local community.