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Gifted & Talented Documents:



  • NCEA winner of IGGY competition for Outstanding Resources. (IGGY is a social network designed to help gifted young people between the ages of 13-18 realise their full potential. It gives members access to great educational resources and encourages them to work with top academics and other gifted young people around the world.) (5 students, one of whom is PP).
  • Winners – Body Positive North East – HIV Charity awareness competition with 6th form as well as life drawing
  • Winners Affinity Competitions whole school tutor challenge – Classroom for the future.
  • Launch G&T champions within Faculties –  targets specific to G&T students for example 3% budget to impact attainment and underachievement.
  • Great Wave project for Year 7– A-A* strategy starting in KS3 90% hand-in rate, Develop Year 7 focus group and a new project Time & Motion (Numeracy across the Academy).
  • North STEM host for Wonder Town and NCEA  – Year long project see NCEA in the Final (top 6 in the region)
  • Shakespeare Day –Whole secondary
  • Press coverage in all local paper – G&T photography student first solo exhibition.
  • 100 pound Challenge – 6th form created businesses in tutor groups with £100 and created a profit.
  • Achieved 5 Future Scholars awards for Year 9 students who are either high performing PP students or no family history of going to university to visit a Russell Group university – Edinburgh University12 May, with additional free IGGY memberships.
  • Achieved funding from Freddy Soddy Trust – to carry out G&T field trip which their findings will be present to Geography Association.
  • Fulcrum Arts and Research – secured placement on this programme for developing science with G&T girls.
  • 6th Form Portfolio day @ Baltic
  • BBC Passion– NCEA Choir to be involved live broadcast in an artist chant on Good Friday. BBC Tour & Woodhorn Private View
  • Winner Optimus Education – NCEA staff win ipad for training and cpd videos
  • Utopias& Distopias: NCEA Writing Project – A 10week after-school programme for a group of 12 year 8 pupils led by writer Stevie Ronnie.
  • Queen Baton Alnwick –KS3, 30 PE Talented students for commonwealth taster day.
  • Challenge STEM day- KS3, 12 students at Regional challenge STEM day
  • Coordinated with Akzol Nobel Town of Colour & Northumbria Innovators in Residence closely
  • Design team in Secondary- ESP playground active project


  • Development of Working Lunch with professional speakers – Ward Hardway, Emirates and Prostate Cancer UK Career Development Fellow
  • Portfolio day with industry experts at Baltic Contemporary Art Centre – develop 2014-15 Wed Tutor slot
  • In-house career WOW day conference
  • Dr Dibb-Fuller organises a range of scientific lectures from University Lectures to G&T science students


  • Iceland Expedition, Paris, London and Spanish trips, Art Trips@local galleries

2012 – 2013

Potential Plus 3 Star Gold Award (Formally NAGC)

“This award illustrates that the Northumberland Church of England Academy has committed to excellence in the following areas:

*A whole school commitment to nurturing gifted and talented pupils *Communication with parents and continued development of parental involvement *Identification and assessment *Extra- curricular activities”                                                                                               Potential Plus, July 2013


  • Gold Crest Engineering Education Scheme.
  • Silver Crest Award.
  • 1 Year 12 student (G&T, PP) recently awarded the Arkwright Engineer Scholarship.

Enrichment Programme

  • Provided programme of enrichment activities and workshops in associated with Russell Group universities, such as Newcastle University Archaeological taster day for KS4 accelerated learners
  • For KS5, we provided Enrichment time on the timetable for students to produce extended projects
  • Guest University Lectures – Microbiology & Immunology Lectures
  • Various specialists after school clubs – Ubisoft Reflection Games Design

Aspirations for University

  • Higher Education Plus Programme- Kings College Cambridge University (three students)
  • Sutton Trust Summer Schools (one student)
  • Support entry Schemes Russell Group Universities with Newcastle and Durham University
  • Dux Award Scheme and visit to Glasgow University (two students)

Cross-curriculum G&T projects KS3 &4

  • History & Art with professional animation worked with National Heritage Lottery Funding project for ‘Emily Inspires’ . Easter 2014 part of a nominated for Journal Culture Award.
  • Science& Art working with Newcastle University creating artwork in response to science research of the Brain ‘Eve Curse’ ending with Exhibition of learners work at Great North Museum.
  • Whole year group 7 challenge day with Art Heroes- Literacy and Art creating a character.
  • Careers
  • Careers Conference with specialist speaker – with G&T nominated learners.  Work experience of year11 learner in a Law firm for Accelerated Learner.  Career taster session in Medicine, Dentistry & Law for G&T learners.


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Gifted and Talented resources from Potential Plus UK March 2014.

SPARK (5s and under) –

FUSE (primary) –

IGNIS (secondary) –


A challenge for budding film makers

SENRUG’s competition to produce a 7-10 minute film setting out the case for the re-introduction of passenger services on the Ashington Blyth & Tyne Railway Line.

For the rules of the competition and films to aid your art direction. Please see attached link to a dropbox folder which contains the following files:

Competiton details and scheme rules (Word Document) – which you should already have seen

News Post Leader TV video “Ashington Future” created 7th June 2008 (video file)

BBC Look North broadcast 7th June 2008 (video file)

BBC The Politics Show broadcast dated 8th June 2008 (video file)

BBC Look North extract broadcast 25th March 2014 (video file)

For more details please contact Mrs Gatti in the Art department or alternatively attend our NCEA Animation club every Wednesday after school (3.30pm -4.30pm) in the innovation suite.


Ashington students Daniel Hume, Nathan Lee, Brooke Mullaney, Emma Sawyer and Zoe Shaw are winners of the prestigious Future Scholar award.   These awards are designed by the Department of Education to recognize high performance among Year 9 pupils (14 years old) and to raise aspirations in maintained schools, by encouraging pupils to consider applying for a place at a top Russell Group university.

On 19  May, Academy students travelled by train to Edinburgh  to visit the prestigious university where they took part in unique and exciting thinking activities with Prof Sethu Vijayakumar the Director of Robotics/Director for Institute for Perception, Action & Behaviour school, of Informatics – where they experienced first hand -robots teaching themselves.

Robots beating students at connect4, seeing robots learning how to play football (independently) and  the forefront in artificial limp robotics.  As well as advance lectures in Mathematics.