NCEA Combined Cadet Force (CCF)

The Academy’s Combined Cadet Force (CCF) started in September 2013. Learners in Year 8 and above are invited to join the contingent, which was the first CCF in Northumberland. The cadets have been affiliated to the Coldstream Guards a regiment that is in the Household Division and has a distinguished history of service.

What is the CCF?

The CCF is a voluntary organisation sponsored by the Ministry of Defence and can trace its history back to 1859 when the first schools established cadet corps. Following this tradition, the organisation today is established in over 300 schools in the UK and cadets take part in a wide range of activities organised by qualified instructors or supported/assisted by their affiliated unit, regular soldiers and reserves.

What do cadets do?

The Cadet will follow a set syllabus that will see them develop in their leadership, confidence and reliability. They will get to take part in a wide range of activities too numerous to list here but encompassing basic aspects of army training, such as marching, first aid, field craft, weapon training, map reading and methods of instruction. Concurrently, when the cadet is 13.9 months they will be able to enrol on the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award which is linked with the syllabus and when they are 16 the CVQO BTEC Uniformed Public Services which is also linked to the syllabus.

Cadets will get the opportunity to travel to put these skills into practice, whether it is on exercise at Otterburn to Cyprus, expeditions in the Cheviots to the Alps, adventure training in Aviemore to Canada. There will be regular fixture camps each term which will be complimented by weekend training and some specialist evening training such as pre-shooting competitions.

Why join the CCF?

Cadets will able to qualify for recognition with awards such as the Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet, rise through the ranks to recognise their leadership skills and gain qualifications that will be a useful addition to their CV’s and UCAS forms. Cadets will also be able to attend Tri Service courses such as sailing with the Royal Navy or central leadership courses. They can also annually compete for the prestigious Claire Shore Trophy which is the aspiration of all cadets to achieve as it confirms the cadets as the best cadet in the United Kingdom.

How do I join?

Students wishing to join should come to the atrium in the Josephine Butler Campus for 15.20pm on Thursdays and they should be at least Year 8. They will be given an introduction and an application form. This must be completed by parents or guardians before the cadet can participate in activities.

How much does it cost?

Cadets will be issued a set of uniform on loan for a refundable deposit of £20. Cadets will be expected to pay a non-refundable £10 for insurance and will be expected to provide their own boots, which should be black and NOT have steel toe caps. Most trips are subsidised and are either free or there is a small charge, this charge may increase for activities such as skiing but will still be competitive compared to alternative providers.

Please feel free to contact Maj Eyton Parker at the school for more information.


Maj. Eyton Parker