Meet the Secondary staff

We have a great staff at Josephine Butler Secondary, all dedicated to helping our pupils to achieve their best. Our Senior Leadership Team is shown below. These staff can be reached by contacting the Academy on 01670 816 111.

Senior Leadership Team

Principal Director: Secondary Mr S G Gibson
Deputy Principal Mr R Atkinson
Vice Principal Mr B Line
Assistant Principal Mrs J Gadsby
Assistant Principal Mr B Rhodes
Associate Leader Mr P Smith
Associate Leader Mrs R Chima
Director of Learner Welfare Mrs S Brown
Director of Mathematics Mr J Butler
Director of Creative Arts Mr S Thompson
Director of Sport Mr A Blight

Our Key Stage and Achievement Team reflects our approach to seeing progress in learning take place over time, not just within a year, and aims to ensure that all of our pupils recieve the support and challenge that they need to make sustained progress throughout their school life.

Children in Years 7, 8 and 9 are part of Key Stage 3, and those in Years 10 and 11 are part of Key Stage 4.  Our new Key Stage Team will develop target setting with pupils and the challenge that we give pupils to make the best progress possible.

The Key Stage Team will work alongside our SENDCO and Head of PSHCE and Tutorial to ensure that any barriers to pupil learning are reduced and removed.  This may involve challenging barriers created by individual needs, approach to study, or in a small minority of cases, through behaviours that make learning less effective.

Key Stage and Achievement Team

Assistant Principal: Behaviour & Engagement Mrs J Gadsby
Assistant Principal: Achievement Mr B Rhodes
Head of Key Stage 3 Mr G Waterston
Head of Key Stage 4 Mr S Barber
Key Stage 3 Learning and Progress Manager Mrs A Young
Key Stage 4 Learning and Progress Manager Miss D Graham
Learning and Progress Support Officer Mrs L Spratt
Head of PSHCE and Tutorial Mrs H Freeman
SENDCo Mrs J Collin