Life in Secondary

The Academy Day

Students arrive from 8.30am and enter the Academy through the Student Entrance. At this point they are greeted by members of the Key Stage Team who check to make sure that students are wearing the correct uniform and have the equipment with them that they need for the day ahead.

At 8.40am a bell rings to signal that students should go to their Tutor Group or line up in the Atrium for Collective Worship.

At 8.45am, a further bell rings to signal the start of the Academy Day.  One year group will commence the day with Collective Worship in the Hall, while others will reflect on the theme for the week in their tutor group.

At 9.00am students go to their first lesson of the day. Each lesson is an hour, and the second lesson commences at 10.00am.  After lesson two, students have a 15 minute break where they can go outside or go to the dining room to buy something to eat.  At 11.15am a bell sounds to signal the start of period 3.

After period 4, at 1.15pm, students have their lunchtime. This lasts until 2.00pm.  Students can get a hot meal or sandwich from the dining room.

At 2.00pm students either go to their Tutor Group for registration and other activities, or to assembly.  In assembly, students are challenged to think about how they can improve and aspire to achieve.  This leads in to period 5, the final lesson of the day.

At 3.20pm the bell sounds to mark the end of formal school. However, many students then move to different activities which take place in sports, performance and creative arts outside of the usual day.  Year 11 have the option of going to a period 6 lesson to help them to be ready to achieve their best in their exams.