Prepare for Exam Success with Y11 Study Clubs


As part of our ongoing support for Year 11 students at the Academy, we have launched a new daily Homework and Study Club.

We have also timetabled each subject a specific day over the course of a fortnight when homework is due to be collected. This is to ensure that our students have the time to complete their homework to the highest standard, as they will only have one piece of homework due each day.

We feel strongly that good habits with regard to independent study will serve our students well in the build-up to their exams in the summer. This is especially pertinent for this cohort of students due to the removal of coursework from most of the GCSE subjects.

As a further supportive measure we have also created subject Study Clubs where students will be given the opportunity to work on homework catch-up, revision or simply consolidation of the work done in lessons with the support of their teacher or another subject specialist.

These sessions will run every night at the Academy and will usually run until around 4.15pm.

Attendance at these sessions is not mandatory for students, however, we strongly recommend that students attend as many of these sessions as possible.

We found that last Academic year the students who regularly attended similar sessions generally did significantly better in their final exams as a result.

We feel confident that these initiatives alongside all the other support that we offer our Year 11 students over the course of the year will have a really positive impact on their outcomes in the summer.

The students have been given a copy of the Study Club and homework timetable, which can be downloaded HERE, along with the full Letter to Parents.

R Atkinson, Deputy Head