The Northumberland Church of England Academy is committed to developing a community of readers.

The literature spine has been collated to deliberately expose the students to inspirational authors, a range of genres and key texts that all our teachers would want them to have encountered by the time they leave primary and secondary education.

Reading with the class, whether at the end of the day or as tutor class ovel time, should occur daily.

In Key Stage One, many more books should be read during then year than on the list, as the books tend to be thinner and quicker to get through. However, the recommended books should be read completely and studied at in depth. The children should move up to the next year group being able to confidently retell at least ten stories.

In Key Stage Two, Three and Four the books are thicker and will take a while to read. Five or six of these books should be read in depth. The learners should be able to understand and retell the outline of these.

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