Whole School Attendance up to Friday 30/6/17 was 93.5%. We need to work really hard to make this even higher. We would like the average attendance to be more than 96.6% at the end of the academic year.

Below are the individual campuses overall attendance:

Grace Darling 93.7%

James Knott 95.8%

Josephine Butler Primary 95.4%

Josephine Butler Secondary 92.1%

The Centre 92.8%

Thomas Bewick 94.4%

William Leech 92.3%

If your child’s attendance  is below 90% then they are classed as a persistent absentee. At this level they will be monitored and supported by our specialist staff. Please make sure that your child attends school regularly to increase their attendance.

Lateness can severely affect achievement. We monitor punctuality closely and have strategies in place to address lateness. Awareness of the impact of lateness is raised with pupils, staff and parents regularly.

Registration begins at 8:45am and all pupils are expected to be in their form room at this time. Pupils arriving after this time will be marked as present but arriving late (L). The register will close at 9.00am. Those who arrive after registration, must immediately report to the school reception to sign in and offer an explanation for their lateness.

Please remember that there are statutory arrangements in place for term time absences as dictated by the Government. We MAY NOT grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. We will consider each request individually taking into account the circumstances, such as the nature of the event which leave is sought along with the child’s current attendance and ability to catch up on missed schooling.

Please continue to submit holiday forms for any in term requests, these can be sent electronically for the attention of Mrs Sandra Brown at or can be handed to any campus reception.

We would also ask that you make doctor, dental and optician appointments out of school hours if at all possible.

Rewards are in place throughout the Academy for good attendance and punctuality.

Thank you for your continued support.